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Kevin Ross, RN, BSN

I choose "D" all of the above.

Kevin Ross, RN, BSN   Kevin is what many would refer to as a serial entrepreneur with over seventeen years of entrepreneurial and business experience. His passion to innovate in every aspect of his businesses is the driving force behind his continued success to cultivate meaningful connections with his clients, optimize brand architecture, and revitalize product and service delivery across multiple categories. Kevin capitalizes on his assessment skills to “triage” and resuscitate brands. He consults for both healthcare and non-healthcare related companies helping them achieve their goals to transcend and better meet the needs of their clients. He is continuously working on creating strategic partnerships that help various businesses effectively collaborate while remaining relevant and sustainable as a company. He is also devoted to helping underserved people and communities get the medical care and attention they deserve and need. To that end, he is involved in a variety of projects from small and grassroots to larger scale initiatives all with the focus of ensuring the health and safety of the clients being served.

Kevin Ross, RN, BSN's Background

Kevin Ross, RN, BSN's Experience

CEO/Co-Founder at Pulse Media Group, Inc.

2012 - Present | Boulder, CO

Nurse Clinician at Johns Hopkins Hospital

August 2005 - August 2007

Previously employed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the Cardiothoracic Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Provided care for post-operative patients primarily receiving but not limited to coronary bypass, valve repairs, heart/lung transplant, placement of ventricular assist devices, aortic aneurysm repairs and corrective surgeries for genetic anomalies. • Assessed and monitored patients immediately post operatively • Assessed hemodynamics and titrate vasoactive medications per ordered parameters and protocols • Managed equipment including heart assist devices, balloon pump and cardiac monitoring • Collaborated with interdisciplinary team daily to promote and ensure patient health/safety

VA Learning Opportunity Resident at Denver Veterans Hospital

June 2004 - May 2005

Employed by the VA Eastern Colorado Health Sciences Center through an honors program that provided didactic and experiential learning in a critical care environment. Developed clinical competencies in critical care under the guidance of a VA Registered Nurse preceptor. • Monitored and treated patients post operatively within surgical intensive care setting • Assessed and monitored hemodynamic, pulmonary, neurologic, renal, and gastrointestinal systems • Utilized nursing process to implement postoperative interventions that enhanced patient outcomes

Principal and Medical Consultant at Spire Health Partners, Inc.

November 2007

Principal officer in a healthcare and wellness organization providing medical consultation for various hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and human service agencies. Established reputation in working collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team, patients, and their families to provide a tailored plan of care that achieves a more definitive and positive outcome. • Clinical nursing services for a diverse community of medical organizations and hospitals • Childcare health consultation services for daycare centers and schools • Nurse case management support for various client populations in human services field • Medical chart reviews/audits • Individualized wellness mentorship/education • Patient advocacy and liaison services

Co-Founder and Co-Host at RN.FM Radio

December 2011

Nursing Unleashed! Where every Monday night Nursing Bloggers, Kevin Ross, Keith Carlson, and Anna Morrison bring you ultra-informative interviews with the top thought-leaders in Nursing, Healthcare and Entrepreneurship. Join us every week for the latest strategies for nursing success, from top nursing consultants, business owners, coaches, authors, speakers, and bloggers. It’s never been easier to learn how to succeed as a Nurse. Welcome to an eye-opening experience you won’t find anywhere else! Our Hosts: Keith Carlson at Digital Doorway Anna Morrison at iCoachNurses Kevin Ross at Innovative Nurse

Founder, Writer, and Consultant at Innovative Nurse

August 2011

Kevin Ross, RN, BSN's Education

University of Colorado


Concentration: Nursing

Kevin Ross, RN, BSN's Interests & Activities

Skateboarding is not a crime.

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